The sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina.

BodyAttack™ is a high-energy interval training class that combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. You move at your own pace with dynamic instructors and powerful music that will motivate you toward your fitness goals – whether you’re a beginner, a weekend athlete, or a hard-core competitor!

BodyAttack™ is a simple, high-intensity group exercise-to-music class that’s fully optioned to cater for all fitness levels. You’ll experience high-energy sports training moves for cardiovascular fitness, along with upper and lower body conditioning exercises.

BodyAttack at The Club

BodyAttack™ Benefits

  • Burn calories for a leaner body
  • Tone and shape
  • Raise overall fitness and stamina for high energy sports like football or tennis
  • Improve co-ordination and agility
  • Deliver strength through core conditioning work
  • Enhance bone health and density
  • Increase heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout

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