Our professionals are committed to excellence and continually improve their coaching skills, so that they can teach, motivate and train each player to reach his/her potential. Our lessons may incorporate (according to the need and desire of the student/s):

  • Technical and strategic instruction
  • Game-based drills
  • Fitness training
  • Match play
  • Video analysis
  • Score-based evaluations
  • Lots of fun


If the weather is doubtful, a teaching pro will attempt to contact you with as much notice as possible should a lesson be canceled. Generally, lessons will be canceled if the predicted wind chill is 35 or less. 

Attire and Racquets

Tennis attire must be worn. In particular, please wear tennis shoes (as opposed to running shoes or cross trainers). If you do not have a racquet, we can lend you one until you get one (these racquets may not be taken home). 


Please make sure that your pro knows that you have arrived. He/she will inform you about which court you will be on for your lesson. 


All payments can be made at our front desk. However, check payments can be made directly to a teaching pro but should be made payable to “CompleteFitness.”


You are responsible for your lesson time. Lesson cancelations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the time of the lesson. Lessons canceled within 48 hours will have a cancelation fee equal to half of the total lesson cost, and will be applied, regardless of the reason for cancellation. 

Lesson Rates

Rates are available by quote at the club desk or Tennis office. 

Lesson Discounts

CompleteFitness members and All-Inclusive members receive a 10% discount on all tennis instruction.

Lesson Groups

Groups of 4 to 8 will normally consist of a package of pre-paid lessons. The cost is a set amount (see pros rates) per player, and there will be as many lessons as there are players in the group (e.g. if there are 7 players, we will have 7 lessons). Please bring a check to the first lesson. You are not eligible for partial refunds if you miss any of the lessons in the series. You may find a sub if you cannot attend a group lesson, and it is your responsibility to retrieve reimbursement from your sub, if so desired.